Artwork Specifications

If you have any questions concerning your artwork please contact our art department – (616) 887-4070.


Submitting Your Files

E-mail attachments smaller than 5MB (compressed)
• FTP server - For larger files, please call or email us and we will give you instructions on how to upload files to our ftp site. Once your files are uploaded, please submit email and PDF file to confirm.



• Flash Drive
Please provide a list of contents and hard copy color printout along with disk.


Submitting Artwork for Printing


The simpliest and most effective way to submit artwork is to create a high resolution PDF file.

When saving your artwork to a PDF file, please include the following settings:


• Include all pages
• High resoulution - 300 dpi
• Include an 1/8" bleed
• Cropmarks
• Set compatibility to Acrobat 5.0 (PDF 1.4)
• If 4-color - convert all spot inks to CMYK


• QuarkXpress (6.0 and below)
• Adobe InDesign (CS5 and below)
• Adobe Illustrator (CS5 and below)
• Adobe PhotoShop


• Adobe InDesign (CS5 and below)
• Adobe Illustrator (CS5 and below)
• Adobe PhotoShop (CS5 and below)
• MSWord (text files only)
• MSExcel (text files only)

• Publisher

If your application does not appear on either list, call our office with the name and version of your software to verify that we will be able to process your artwork.


Documents created in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Publisher should be exported as a PDF to maintain original document appearance and insure consistent and predictable printing results.* It is also good practice to provide the original Microsoft file in case modifications to the original are needed to meet our printing specifications.

* Copy flow and page layout arrangement in Microsoft programs depend greatly on the printer installed and targeted on the user’s system. Transferring such documents to a different system with different printer specifications will change the page layout and copy placement.


• Postscript
• TrueType
If possible, please outlines all fonts or include all fonts on disk or file transfer.




• 300 - 400 dpi (less than 300 dpi is not recommended for printing as the image may appear pixilated)

• Images such as PNG or other files from the internet will not work and may be copyrighted, so it's best to stay clear of those.


Allow 1/8” on all sides for bleed.


• CMYK (RGB is not acceptable for printing. We can convert your RGB images to CMYK for an additional fee)
• Grayscale
• Duotone & Monotone
• Pantone


A print-out, on either Laser or Color Laser printer is requested with all submitted artwork.
Please submit a PDF file (email is fine) if submitting file electronically.


Submitting Artwork for Screen Printing & Promotional Products

The best format for this type of printing is a vector file such as Adobe Illustrator. Please convert all fonts to outlines to prevent font conflicts. If you don't have a vector program, contact us - depending on the artwork we may be able to convert it for you.


Submitting Artwork for Embroidery

A high resolution image in any format will work. Images such as PNG or other files from the internet will not work.